Water Works Operat Volume II (HME-E31)
Operators will learn the practical aspects of operating and maintaining water treatment plants and emphasizing safe practices and procedures. Information will also be presented on the importance and responsibilities of a water treatment plant operator, sources of water, reservoir management, and intake structures. Operators will learn how to safely operate and maintain coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection processes. They will also learn to control tastes and odors in drinking water, control corrosion to meet the requirements of the Lead and Copper Rule, perform basic water laboratory procedures, and solve arithmetic problems commonly associated with water treatment plant operations. An important segment of the course provides operators information on overall plant operation and covers topics such as daily operating procedures, regulation of flows, chemical use and handling, records and reports, plant maintenance, safety and security, emergency conditions and procedures, handling complaints, and energy conservation.

Course Name: HME-E31
Departments: Continuing Education
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